About Us

About Meridia Hobby

Meridia Hobby is a web based organization operating by aviation enthusiasts, plastic modelers, book authors editors as well as publishers.

Meridia Hobby was primarily formed to offer all that concerning the “pictorial world” of military aviation. We are specializing in aviation publications, color artworks, slides, prints, and decals.

We offer also a second hand items in our https://meridiahobby-container.zoeysite.com/2nd-hand-stuff

web page, where you could find decals, sheets, books, and other stuff which are hard to find because not longer available or definitively out of prints.

All the items we show online are ACTUALLY IN STOCK and ready to ship! So our stock status is shown on our webstore in real time constantly. We are NOT an ordering service like a lot of others!

If we say that an item is “IN STOCK” it is really present in our warehouse and ready to ship to your address immediately.

We are a warehouse and not a retail store, we are not open to the publics.

Fell free to email us if you have any questions or comments about the site: [email protected]