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  1. €12.00

    Options for:

    F-100C/F-100F, New Mexico Air National Guard - These F-100's were painted in overall ADC Grey and had a very prominent black/yellow lightning bolt on the fuselage and drop tanks. F-100C/F-100F, District of Columbia Air National Guard F-100C/F-100F, New Jersey Air National Guard

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  2. €12.00

    First in a two-sheet series of Lockheed T-33A Shooting Stars that served as support and liaison aircraft in various Air National Guard units. CD48016 features markings for Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan and Pennsylvania ANG (designed to be used with the Academy Lockheed T-33A kits)

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  3. €12.00

    The second sheet in the series has markings for New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon and Texas ANG. (designed to be used with Academy Lockheed T-33A kits)

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  4. €12.00

    Options for: The options on this sheet are: F-15C 78-0547, 173FW, Oregon ANG (commander's aircraft) F-15C 79-0076, 173FW, Oregon ANG F-15C 85-0118, 104FW, Massachusetts ANG Includes F-15D Update!: Starting 02/10/2014, all of our existing stock of this sheet has been updated with a small add-on sheet to allow you to build the following F-15D twin seaters: F-15D 82-0046, 173FW, Oregon ANG F-15D 85-0133, 104FW, Massachusetts ANG

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  5. €9.00

    The sheet features MiG-29 (9-12) from five different air forces around the globe. The options on this colorful sheet are:
    MiG-29A 9-12 "36507" , Bangladesh Air Force, 2011
    MiG-29UB 9-51 "28264" , Bangladesh Air Force, 2011
    MiG-29A 9-12 "30" , Bulgarian Air Force, 2010
    MiG-29UB 9-51 "14" , Bulgarian Air Force, 2010
    MiG-29A 9-12 "KB715" , Indian Air Force, 2008
    MiG-29A 9-12 "2708" , Myanmar Air Force, 2011
    MiG-29UB 9-51 "2716" , Myanmar Air Force, 2011
    MiG-29A 9-12 "54" , Romanian Air Force, 1996
    MiG-29UB 9-51 "23" , Romanian Air Force, 1996

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  6. €12.00

    Options for early Harriers of US Marine Corps. The options on this comprehensive sheet are:
    AV-8A BuNo. 158703 (flight test scheme w/orange panels
    AV-8A BuNo. 158702, VMA-231 (temporary winter camouflage)
    AV-8A BuNo. 159248, VMA-231, USS Roosevelt
    AV-8A BuNo. 159256, VMA-231, high-vis scheme
    AV-8A BuNo. 159248, VMA-231, low-vis scheme
    AV-8A BuNo. 158967, VMA-542, high-vis scheme
    AV-8A BuNo. 158950, VMA-542, low-vis scheme
    AV-8A BuNo. 158976, VMA-513, high-vis scheme
    AV-8A BuNo. 159368, VMAT-203, high-vis scheme
    AV-8A BuNo. 159252, VMAT-203, low-vis scheme
    AV-8A BuNo. 158975, VMA-513 Det. A, high-vis scheme
    AV-8A BuNo. 158966, VMA-513 Det. B, high-vis scheme

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  7. €13.00

    First decal sheet for the A-10; features four options for the recently upgraded A-10C version of the venerable Warthog. The options on this sheet are:
    A-10C 82-0661, 163 FS, Indiana ANG (commander's aircraft)
    A-10C 80-0152, 163 FS, Indiana ANG
    A-10C 78-0707, 190 FS, Idaho ANG
    A-10C 79-0084, 190 FS, Idaho ANG

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  8. €13.00

    Reprinted! USAF T-38A Talon. The ten options on this decal sheet are:
    T-38A, 49th FW, Holloman AFB, 2011 (F-22 companion trainer)
    T-38A, 49th FW, Holloman AFB, 2005 (F-117 companion trainer)
    T-38A, 1st FW, Langley AFB, 2012
    T-38A, 586th Flight Test Squadron "Roadrunners", Holloman AFB, 2005
    T-38A, 90th FTS "Boxin Bears", Sheppard AFB, 2006
    T-38A, 560th FTS , Randolph AFB, 2001
    T-38A, 87th FTS "Red Bulls", Laughlin AFB, 2005
    T-38A, 49th FTS "Black Knights", Moody AFB, 2003
    T-38A, 25th FTS "Shooters", Vance AFB, 2005
    T-38A, 50th FTS "Strikin' Snakes", Columbus AFB, 2003

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  9. €12.00

    The options on this sheet are:
    A-10C 80-0188, 188 FW, Arkansas ANG (commander's aircraft)
    A-10C 78-0614, 188 FW, Arkansas ANG
    A-10C 79-0193, 127 FW, Michigan ANG
    A-10C 80-0255, 127 FW, Michigan ANG

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  10. €13.00

    The options on this decal sheet are:
    F-4C 64-0888 ("8-Ball"), 114 FIS, Oregon ANG
    F-4D 66-5648, 179 FIS, Minnesota ANG
    F-4C 63-7591, 111 FIS, Texas ANG
    F-4D 66-7457, 171 FIS, Michigan ANG

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