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  1. €13.00
    Ten options:
    Ju 88 A-1 3Z+HN of 5./KG 77 Battle of Britain;
    Ju 88 A-1 4D+IT of 1./KG 30 Battle of France;
    Ju 88 A-5 F1+MM of 4./KG 76 Early Russian Campaign;
    Ju 88 A-4 9K+AS of 8./KG 51 Crimea 1942;
    Ju 88 A-4 5K+BP of 6./KG 3 Crimea 1942;
    Ju 88 A-4 3Z+AC Stab II./KG 77 Sicily 1942;
    Ju 88 A-4 F1+DP of 6./KG 76 Russia 1943;
    Ju 88 S-1 KG 66 France 1944;
    Ju 88 S-3 of 1./KG 66 Germany 1944;
    Mistel 2 of 6./KG 200 Denmark 1945 Learn More
  2. €13.00
    Ten options:
    Ju 88 C-2/4 R4+KL of 2./NJG 2 Derna 1942;
    Ju 88 C-2/4 R4+AC of Stab III./NJG 2, Comiso 1943;
    Ju 88 A-5 4D+MR of 7./KG 30 Sicily 1941/2;
    Ju 88 C-6 5K+ET of 9 (Eis)/KG 3 Poltava 1943;
    Ju 88 A-4 5K+AM of 4./KG 3 Russian Front 1942;
    Ju 88 A-4 7T+FH of 1./KG 77 Sicily 1943;
    Ju 88 R-2 2N+AH of ZG 1 France 1944;
    Ju 88 G-1 R4+AC of II./NJG 2 Germany 1944;
    Ju 88 G-6 4R+BR of 7./NJG 2 Germany 1944;
    Ju 88 G6 D5+AH of 1./NJG 3 Denmark 1945 Learn More
  3. €14.00

    This decal sheet provides current markings for F-15C Eagles from Oregon, Montana and Massachusetts Air National Guard units.

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  4. €14.00

    Multiple options for the French Air Force aerobatics team "Patrouille de France", including every special commemorative marking worn by the team since 1995.

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  5. €10.00

    Five US Navy marking options for the PBM-5/PBM-5A Mariner patrol bomber, designed for the new Minicraft kit.

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  6. €14.00

    Multiple USMC marking options for the AV-8A Harrier, intended for the new Airfix kit.

    This sheet provides no fewer than 11 marking choices for the early AV-8A Harriers used by the US Marine Corps. The options on this comprehensive sheet are:
    AV-8A BuNo. 158703 (flight test scheme w/orange panels
    AV-8A BuNo. 158702, VMA-231 (temporary winter camouflage)
    AV-8A BuNo. 159248, VMA-231, USS Roosevelt
    AV-8A BuNo. 159256, VMA-231, high-vis scheme
    AV-8A BuNo. 159248, VMA-231, low-vis scheme
    AV-8A BuNo. 158967, VMA-542, high-vis scheme
    AV-8A BuNo. 158950, VMA-542, low-vis scheme
    AV-8A BuNo. 158976, VMA-513, high-vis scheme
    AV-8A BuNo. 159368, VMAT-203, high-vis scheme
    AV-8A BuNo. 159252, VMAT-203, low-vis scheme
    AV-8A BuNo. 158975, VMA-513 Det. A, high-vis scheme
    AV-8A BuNo. 158966, VMA-513 Det. B, high-vis scheme

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  7. €14.00

    Markings for eight different ANG units This limited-edition 1/72 sheet is a scaled-down version of our popular 1/48 offerings, providing markings for the following Air National Guard units:
    101st FIS, Massachusetts ANG
    159th FIS, Florida ANG
    171st FIS, Michigan ANG
    146th FIS, Pennsylvania ANG
    119th FIS, New Jersey ANG
    178th FIS, North Dakota ANG (two variations)
    123rd FIS, Oregon ANG
    111th FIS, Texas ANG    

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  8. €14.00

    Lockheed-Martin F-16 Vipers - The Next Generation: A scaled-down version of the very successful 1/48 international F-16 sheet, 

    The new 1/72 sheet adds markings for the new dark gray Have Glass Gen. V scheme being introduced to the USAF fleet, as well as markings for the (yet to be delivered) Iraqi F-16s. Markings for USAF, Iraq, Poland, Morocco, Bahrain and Oman

    •USAF F-16C 91-0391, 148th FW (new 5th generation Have Glass camouflage scheme)
    •Polish Air Force F-16C/D
    •Royal Morocco Air Force F-16C/D
    •Royal Bahraini Air Force F-16C
    •Royal Air Force of Oman F-16C/D
    •Iraqi Air Force F-16IQ

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  9. €14.00

    This decal sheet provides accurate, high quality markings for Air National Guard Phantoms from early 1980s, when the Phantom was the primary fighter in Guard service. The eight colorful options on this sheet are:: F-4C 64-0888 ("8-Ball"), 114 FIS, Oregon ANG F-4D 66-5648, 179 FIS, Minnesota ANG F-4C 63-7591, 111 FIS, Texas ANG F-4D 66-7457, 171 FIS, Michigan ANG F-4C 63-7576, 171 FIS, Michigan ANG F-4C 64-0658, 123 FIS, Oregon ANG F-4D 64-0949, 178 FIS, North Dakota ANG F-4C 64-0914, 199 FIS, Hawaii ANG National insignia, stencilling and walkways for one aircraft is included. This set was professionally screen printed by Cartograf in Italy

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  10. €10.00

    Marking options for the PBM-5/PBM-5A Mariner patrol bomber, designed for the new Minicraft kit. The options on this sheet are:
    PBM-5 BuNo. 84682, ATU-501, Corpus Christi, 1956
    PBM-5A BuNo. 122079, US Naval Academy, Annapolis, 1953
    PBM-5 BuNo. 84780 , VP-47, 1951
    PBM-5A BuNo. 122602, VR-21, NAF Oppama, 1950

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